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  • Phone Consultation

  • Professional Editing & Retouching

  • Personal Private Online Gallery

  • High Resolution Images 



I offer a range of options starting from 5 hours to full day coverage with 2 photographers, albums and more.
Submit a request below and we'll set up a call to go over what to expect and tailor fit a package to your specific wedding day needs. I want to hear all about you and your up coming wedding!


My full wedding collections start at $3500 


Free Spirited Kids + Family | Maternity | Couples     

Candid storytelling! My forever favorite. Like all my sessions, we will start with a phone call to talk about your vision. Once we have spoke, I'll send you a guide to help you feel fully prepared, you send a deposit to secure your date and we shoot!! Easy peasy. 




Starting at $800 - includes 20+ high resolution images 



Branding packages are customized to fit your needs. 

Please reach out. I want to hear all about you, your business, your hopes and dreams.


We'll start with a strategy call to craft the look and feel of these images and talk through details like outfits, locations and feel. Lock in our shoot date(s), turn up the music and have fun curating a batch of photos that demonstrate the identity, personality, and tone of your business that can be used on any and all platforms. 

Starting at $750 - $1800


Yep! that's the name of this session.

This is kinda a combo of my Lifestyle Collection & of Personal Branding ;)

This session can be totally candid, we can get editorial with it, or simply go with the flow and let the shoot unfold naturally. A stress free, fun filled moment! The goal is to shoot in the places you feel most at home. Whether that be in your actual home, on a stage, the beach, or on a mountain top. I'm game and I'm excited to celebrate you!

Maybe you want to take a moment to celebrate this chapter in your life. Maybe you’re dipping your toes in the online dating world and don’t have photos for your profile that you're stoked about. Or you simply need professional photos because it’s time to make some moves and invest in you, so that that opportunity that will inevitably arise once you’ve takin this step, can present itself! 

Aaaaaand if that is the case, you listen up buttercup…


You are worthy, you are deserving. And the moment you truly believe that, opportunities will start flooding in. Allowing yourself to be seen - is a beautiful way to plant that seed and to show you and the universe that you know you are worthy! That you had the courage, because you believed you deserved it.

According to all the books, podcasts, workshops, therapists, psychics I spoken to...  that seems to be the ticket, believing! We don’t get to see ourselves in the moments where we are our most beautiful. When our souls are shining through. I can’t tell you how many moments I’ve shared with people, in the last 13 years, that have said to me that they had never had a photo of themselves that they loved. Or that they don’t photograph well. And the joy that I see on their face when they peek at the back of my camera is my friggin favorite!!! EVERYONE should have a photograph of themselves that captures their essence! It’s crazy empowering. And I can't wait to share that moment with you.



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