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Righting the wrongs of my past

Writing the wrongs of my past



Finding balance doesn’t erase the story

that paints a picture only seen through certain lenses.

The lens of the beholder, however, no longer sits at a magnification of the hundredth scale...

A different perspective - a panoramic view - of this timeline that has unfolded.

Streams separate and new streams join,

but the flow continues toward something far greater.

I am now a river; not dam nor eddy nor rocks will stand in my way.

They make me stronger and louder, as I grow broader and deeper.

I hear the streams as they bubble beside me at times, into me at others...

feeding their children with all they can provide.

It’s inevitable that we will meet again,

but for now I must charge on,

carving my path along the way to the vastness that I have always been one with.

-Katie Greiner


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