Yeah! Field Trip

I've had these photos saved in a draft for days. Field Trip is hard to describe. It's a feeling. It's a family. Sun on your face, childlike excitement, dancing like a manic, laughing and crying then laughing till you cry, meeting all your platonic soul mates as well as idols you did not even know existed. Cracking your world / heart wide open. A creative workshop / spiritual bootcamp / dance party / everything beautiful. Oh man YFT. I love you. Thank you for all the memories, new friends, clarity, tips. You are priceless. I miss you already. So much. Models: Katie Cook & Anastasia Gias MUAH: Caitlin Krenz Wardrobe: Urban Outfitters Now for my loves, some new and some old: Portra 400 film,


Oh my darling! My sweet sweet Audrey. Thank you for your vulnerability. Your refreshingly beautiful open heart and mind. I loved our consult. It felt light, inspiring, honest, human. It made me so excited for this shoot. The kind of excitement I feel when I'm doing a passion project. At ease, not over produced. I felt like I was going to shoot for a friend. And that is exactly how you made me feel during our session. Your studio, your instructors, the bright light, plant babies, colors, the energy. You fed my creative soul. Thank you, I appreciate you.

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