New head shots means a new song!! Little miss is ready to lay some vocals in the studio. This time she is holding out until it's recorded properly, so I've gotta mom up if any of you are ever going to hear it. It's so good. I'm obviously biased, she's my baby. Watching her grow as an artist has been incredible. Her voice is haunting. Her lyrics are powerful. She has a clear vision of how she want's it to be produced. Basically she is the coolest. I'm so proud of her. "Don't Tell Me What To Do" Coming soon!

I Kyoto you.

Thursday the 11th I received a package in the mail from my best friend. It was a "Happy Shitty New Year" gift. Two middle finger pins for Donald Trump, an ocean pin for my dad and a neon rainbow light to brighten things up. She brings color into my life even when she is 5,019 miles away. As most of you know, I lost my dad on Christmas Day in a car accident. My heart was aching. He was my person. I called Jillian to thank her for the gift. Not everyone was stoked about my "Happy shitty New Year" slogan. Apparently, it was kind of a buzz kill for some. Whatever forever, Jill got it. Not even a minute after we hung up, she sent me a message asking if I could get away that next week. She was get

Atlantis Underground

It's been a pretty crazy few weeks, I've learned a lot about grief, my community, what really matters, where I want to put my energy. I've shed a few layers in the process, it’s kind of bitter sweet how the toughest of times inspire the most growth. This is my first day back. The one thing that is helping me make some moves is the realization that grief is really just love with no where to go. I need somewhere to put all of this love. It’s going to take a lifetime to disperse this amount of love building up so I need to start now. Today, I’m going to give a little bit of it to these kind souls who have recently come into my life. The music shared at this event makes me feel alive. I can feel

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