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She's my favorite song.

My daughter Nevaeh had the opportunity to record at The Hallowed Halls last week. Naturally, I took a few (so many) photos. I'm so proud of her and so grateful to all the beautiful humans in these images. Seeing her in that studio, calm and collected, witty and polite, She had found her place in the world. Her chillingly pure vocals had me covered in goosebumps. Everyone was inspired and excited. It was electric. She never wanted to leave. Shoot, I never wanted to leave. Such a rad experiance. Wilson, thank you for being so hospitable. You're a good dude. Thank you Rudy, Wil and Cooper for collaborating with my girl. And thank you Nonni for sharing your gift with us. I love your heart, I love your brain, your old soul, your humor, your fearless ambition. You are gold to me sweet girl. You're my favorite song.

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