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Yeah! Field Trip

I've had these photos saved in a draft for days. Field Trip is hard to describe. It's a feeling. It's a family. Sun on your face, childlike excitement, dancing like a manic, laughing and crying then laughing till you cry, meeting all your platonic soul mates as well as idols you did not even know existed. Cracking your world / heart wide open. A creative workshop / spiritual bootcamp / dance party / everything beautiful. Oh man YFT. I love you. Thank you for all the memories, new friends, clarity, tips. You are priceless. I miss you already. So much.

Models: Katie Cook & Anastasia Gias

MUAH: Caitlin Krenz

Wardrobe: Urban Outfitters

Now for my loves, some new and some old: Portra 400 film, mountaintop sun flares, babes, bingo, beers.

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