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It's been a pretty crazy few weeks, I've learned a lot about grief, my community, what really matters, where I want to put my energy. I've shed a few layers in the process, it’s kind of bitter sweet how the toughest of times inspire the most growth. This is my first day back. The one thing that is helping me make some moves is the realization that grief is really just love with no where to go. I need somewhere to put all of this love. It’s going to take a lifetime to disperse this amount of love building up so I need to start now. Today, I’m going to give a little bit of it to these kind souls who have recently come into my life. The music shared at this event makes me feel alive. I can feel their music in my bones. I feel welcome here, I even feel loved. In fact that is all I feel in this room. No one is there to compete for the spot light, they are a sounding board, a community of artists with no agenda other than to share their soul and listen. Christopher Worth, who is a beautiful musician, one of my favorite humans and artists in Portland, creates this space at Atlantis Lounge for songwriters to have a place to share new music, a stage where it’s safe to be vulnerable. He hosts and my friend Wil Kinky does sound, another favorite of mine. This man is SO humble. If you have never been and you don’t know Wil, you would have no idea that the guy in the sound booth is the kindest, most talented man you may ever meet. I love it, I love it so much that I come back week after week. I don’t sing so I bring my camera, I feel like I’m stealing if I come empty handed. I’m so thankful for these moments that it’s important to me to participate in some way, my photos are my voice so it seams fitting that I use them as a way to say thank you. I wish I had a photo of everyone in this post!! Maybe I’ll add to it or maybe I’ll just keep blogging about it until I feel like I’ve thanked everyone who I adore. It’s not just the people who come to perform, but also the friends I’ve made that like me have made Tuesday nights a regular thing. Basically, I’m thankful for everything that is Atlantis Underground.

Thank you, I love you, I'll see you Tuesday.

Click on images below to see what these lovely Portland artists are up to. Learn their names, like their pages, find them on Spotify. Some are linked to their websites, some their Facebook. I promise it will be worth your while. You gotta hear them play!

Rachel Paschket
Morgan Quinn
Rachel Paschket
Victoria Demarest
Aetyhon Raabon
Keely Petaluga & Monica Brown
Danie Love
Jenny JahLee
Scott Deans
Brad Wigg
Jeremy Ferrara
Arthur Franklin
Chris Arnold
Marquis Talen Couey & Christopher Worth
Josh Smith
Adam Black
Wil Kinky & Keely Petaluga
Krista Herring
Marquis Talen Couey
Todd Gee
Danie Love
Liana Bruce
Christopher Worth
Chase Sounder
Jane Eller
Christopher Worth
Jake William Capistan & Brad Wigg
Robin Jackson
Unkle Nancy & Victoria Demarest
Christian Wood, Adam Black, Jake William Capistan,
Krista Herring
Erissy Watt
Lauren Rose
Aaron Altemose
Morgan Quinn, Carissa
Curtis Hawley
Rachel Paschket
Monica Brown & Keely Petaluga
Will West
Amanda Justesen & Christopher Worth
Cosmic Rose & Lauren Rose
Jenni Price
Sarah Vitort

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