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I Kyoto you.

Thursday the 11th I received a package in the mail from my best friend. It was a "Happy Shitty New Year" gift. Two middle finger pins for Donald Trump, an ocean pin for my dad and a neon rainbow light to brighten things up. She brings color into my life even when she is 5,019 miles away. As most of you know, I lost my dad on Christmas Day in a car accident. My heart was aching. He was my person. I called Jillian to thank her for the gift. Not everyone was stoked about my "Happy shitty New Year" slogan. Apparently, it was kind of a buzz kill for some. Whatever forever, Jill got it. Not even a minute after we hung up, she sent me a message asking if I could get away that next week. She was getting me out of my head and into her arms. By Saturday my flight was booked and on Monday I was in Kyoto, Japan. Jillian is traveling the world with 50+ people through Remote Year. Twelve countries in twelve months. While I'm writing this, she is on a side trip, laying on the beach in the Maldives (eye roll emoji). I'm vicariously living through her IG. It's incredible. While in Kyoto we had a girls day with some of the ladies she is traveling with. Played dress up in all Jillian's things. She never underwhelms. We brought Tokyo to Kyoto. We spent some days drinking all the wine in her little shoebox apartment, visited some shrines, Went to Nara Park where 1,200 Sika deer roam free. Lit a candle at the summit of Fushimi Anari. Walked through the markets, laughed so hard I peed my pants, formed a relationship with a toilet, decided to try out one of the buttons and didn't know how to make it stop. I sat there forever trying to figure out an exit plan. Had instant connections with several new friends and learned that no matter how many books I read, the best stories / lessons lay between the pages in my passport.

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